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Greeting Card - Beach Sketch

Greeting Card - Beach Sketch

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My friend and I took a few colored pencils and some sketch paper to the beach one day. We sat on a grassy bank and she said, "Let's just draw what we see".

We drew a boat. Then, for our second drawing, I looked down, and decided to draw the beach. There was something about the colors of the rocks and the way the light washed over them. The sun warmed our arms as we drew, and for this one, we set a time limit...10 minutes...go!!

Drawn on toned grey sketch paper (borrowed from her...sometimes I forget mine on purpose so I can use her cool stuff.) 

An amazing way to spend an afternoon and feel the freedom of just putting pencil to paper :)

5 3/4" x 4 1/8"  

Blank inside.

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