Ware it all happens.

Helping you find just the right way to express all your different feels.

Each piece began with a feeling, then took a unique journey of their own. I hope you gift yourself the time to wander through the collections in order to discover what speaks to you :)

Important newsy news :)

Hey friends!

2024 is proving to be another fantastic year! As usual, our curiosity has us trying new things,
stretching ourselves personally and creatively and staying open to new opportunities.
As it would happen, while we were busy dabbling with this and that, opportunity knocked!

Turns out, it was a great knock :) But...it WILL impact how we do business over the next
several months. We'll be enjoying new adventures, expanding our creative horizons and bathing in inspiration over the next while, which will physically take us away from our inventory.

*What that means is, while our shop will technically be open, we won't be processing any
orders, as we'll be unable to send anything to you*

We encourage you to have a look around until we return, but please don't place an
order (when has a company every said THAT to their customers??) Ha ha...
Rest assured, we'll definitely let you know when we lift the ordering ban ;)

The Good news? You WILL be able to purchase a handful of our greeting cards at The Artisan's Garden
in Sooke, BC (follow them on Instagram at @artisansgarden)...we've just added a few new gems
to the collection! For those of you who live in the area, we hope you'll have a chance to stop by
for a coffee and a baked treat, wander the gift shop and garden shop and say hello to
MacKenzie, Shelby and the rest of the gang. There truly is something for everyone, and you'll find
a Good Wares greeting card for every occasion!

Just so you know, our email (info@goodwares.ca) will be accessible as usual so feel free to message
us any time with any questions or if you just want to say hello!

So stay tuned! We hope you all have a fabulous summer and as always, we appreciate your
ongoing support. We look forward to seeing you back here in the fall...new things will be cookin' ;)

See you then! xo

Did you know we have envelopes available en français??

For little francophones...and big ones!

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