Collection: All Lined Journals

You don't have to be an artist or a journaling fool to enjoy these...some of them would be perfect as an elevated way to leave notes for other members of your household, especially if you're dealing with a 'ships in the night' situation.

My sister and I used to leave notes for each other when we were young. Back then, we used a Duo-Tang (I might be old) filled with foolscap, and we'd write notes for the other to discover when they got home. The best part? I've still got some of them! It's so amazing to be able to read an ongoing conversation, page by page, between two goofy kids whose sense of humor was still very much in the development stage ;)

Leave one of these journals on the table with a pen, a felt marker or a couple of crayons. Fill it with love notes, cooking instructions for the meatloaf or maybe silly drawings for someone else to find. When it's full, voilà! An instant keepsake:)

All journals are unique and one-of-a-kind. That's the good news, and the bad news! If you have your heart set on one, you may want to pop it in your cart sooner than later!

*Please keep in mind these are handmade items and are not examples of perfection. In fact, I'm hoping it's the imperfections that attract you and that you find yourself connecting with. They're meant to be relatable...unique, imperfect and totally me :)